Joining the Dots 2016 Conference

The Road Safety GB Joining The Dots 2016 conference took place in London in March 2016. The 2016 conference covered a breadth of areas such as how data informs policy and strategy, how to work at scale and how to learn from other projects. Speakers included representatives from the European Transport Safety Council, Highways England and the Department for Transport .

Dr Adrian Davis, Visiting Professor UWE

Dr Adrian Davis The conference was opened by Dr Davis who emphasised the importance of evidence based decision making in road safety and the integral part that data analysis has to play in discovering and delivering that evidence.

His presentation, and those of all the day's speakers, can be found below.

Speakers and Contributors

Dr Adrian Davis
Visiting Professor UWE
Adrian specialises in the health impacts of road transport, active travel and health, translational research, built environment and health and wellbeing He has a particular focus on epistemology and meaning of evidence and knowledge.
Adrian Davis on UWE website >
Alex Santacreu
Transport for London
Alex monitors road safety in London to identify priorities for intervention: high risk locations, times of the day and user profiles. This includes statistical tests to ensure road safety figures are not misinterpreted by decision makers.
Alex Santacreu on LinkedIn >
Brian Lawton
Brian is a Transport Safety Consultant at TRL working with international clients to build transport safety policies that will govern future development. TRL deliver research that helps clients meet future transport challenges – globally, regionally, nationally and locally.
TRL website >
Bruce Walton
Road Safety Analysis
Bruce’s experience combines development and application of sophisticated analytical techniques with expertise in road safety intelligence. He is now the Technical and Analysis Director of Road Safety Analysis.
Bruce Walton on Road Safety Analysis website >
Dan Campsall
Road Safety Analysis
Dan is an experienced marketing and communications professional, who has oversight of RSA’s campaigns, PR and marketing work; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training to young drivers and motorcyclists.
Dan Campsall on Road Safety Analysis website >
Dr Daryl Lloyd
Department for Transport
Daryl has been a government analyst since 2004. He has headed the Department for Transport’s Road Safety Statistics team for the last three years, working on road freight, vehicle statistics, traffic statistics and housing statistics in previous roles in DfT, DCLG and the Cabinet Office.
Daryll Lloyd on LinkedIn >
David Williams
The Telegraph
David provides investigative and consumer-focused reports and news for The Telegraph Motoring section and spoke on the intersection between data and wider public perception of road safety.
David Williams on Telegraph website >
Honor Byford
Road Safety GB
Honor is Chairperson of Road Safety GB and previously managed a combined road safety education and engineering team in Brighton and Hove. She has over 20 years' experience of working successfully within a variety of road safety partnerships in England.
Honor Byford on LinkedIn >
Jeremy Phillips
Road Safety GB
Jeremy has been working in road safety for more than 25 years, and has developed several opportunities for making scarce resources go further – such as the Road Safety Time Bank (now the Road Safety Knowledge Centre) and the national demonstration Devon Road Safety Academy and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) projects.
Jeremy Phillips on Road Safety GB website >
Kathy Wilson-Ellis
Highways England
Kathy is a Senior Strategic Programme Manager in the Strategic Road Safety team within Highways England, supporting the company’s aim that “no one should be harmed when travelling or working on the strategic road network.”
Kathy Wilson-Ellis on LinkedIn >
Marie Woltman
Devon County Council
Marie is a regional rep in the national road safety analysts’ network, being the ‘Lead Regional Analytical Facilitator’ for the South West. She is an analyst and intelligence officer whose work underpins road safety operations and Highways Engineering for Devon County Council and its partner agencies.
Marie Woltman on LinkedIn >
Dr Paul Hewson
Plymouth University
Paul is a lecturer in the Mathematics and Statistics faculty at Plymouth University where his research interests surround Bayesian applications of generalised linear mixed models.
Paul Hewson on Plymouth University website >
Richard Owen
Road Safety Analysis
Since 2003 Richard has contributed to road safety work in the UK by playing a leading role in developing technology, partnership governance and analysis.He was recognised for his achievements in 2015 with the Kevin Storey Award for Outstanding Commitment to Road Safety.
Richard Owen on Road Safety Analysis website >
Teresa Healy
Go Safe Wales
Teresa has been working with safety cameras since 2005 when she was employed by the then Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership as a Data Analyst. Teresa was promoted to Operations Manager in 2009 and now responsible for the staff in management office for Go Safe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership.
Teresa Healy on LinkedIn >

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