Joining the Dots 2017 Conference

How Data Delivers Insight and Innovation

The Road Safety GB Joining The Dots 2017 conference took place in Birmingham in March. This is the national conference for road safety data analysts, and was organised by Road Safety GB in partnership with Road Safety Analysis, and with support from the DfT.This year cemented the conference as an annual event, and 2017 saw a number of informative and illuminating presentations from representatives from the Department for Transport, Transport for London, the University of Newcastle and more besides.

Dr Alice Crossley, Group Leader - Performance Analysis and Modelling, Highways England

We were pleased to welcome our keynote speaker, Dr Alice Crossley from Highways England, who gave an excellent overview of the impact that effective use of data can have in improving road safety and reducing accidents.

Speakers and Contributors

Dr Alice Crossley
Highways England
Dr Alice Crossley is Head of Performance Analysis and Modelling at Highways England. Prior to joining Highways England in 2016, Alice was Head of Profession for Transport Modelling at DfT and responsible for development of WebTAG guidance.
Alice Crossley on LinkedIn >
Andrew Hartley
Road Safety Analysis
Andy specialises in spatial analysis, digital cartography, collision and casualty trend analysis, data visualisation and dashboard design, and enforcement systems management.
Road Safety Analysis website >
Daryl Lloyd
Department for Transport
Daryl has been a government analyst since 2004. He has headed the Department for Transport’s Road Safety Statistics team for the last three years, working on road freight, vehicle statistics, traffic statistics and housing statistics in previous roles in DfT, DCLG and the Cabinet Office.
Daryll Lloyd on LinkedIn >
Deirdre O'Reilly
Highways England
Deirdre is currently advising Highways England on how to build capability in behavioural change. She is taking a break from her role as Head of Social and Behavioural Research at the Department for Transport (DfT) UK and joint Head of Profession for Social Researchers in DfT.
Deirdre O'Reilly on LinkedIn >
Dr George Ursachi
Road Safety Analysis
George has a background in marketing and market research, academic research and teaching. With extensive experience over the last eight years in business development research, business intelligence and market segmentation, and constructing research instruments and methodologies.
George Ursachi on Road Safety Analysis website >
Jan Sjorup
Road Safety Support
Jan has 40 years’ engineering experience in electronics, telecommunications, and data analysis and road safety strategy. Since 2010 He has provided on-going support to UK forces and partnerships with detailed analysis of STATS 19 data, including Contributory analysis.
Jan Sjorup on LinkedIn >
Jane Robinson
Atkins Global
Jane is a Senior Managing Consultant with Atkins, and the Project Manager for the three year 20mph Research Study for the Department for Transport, comprising both a process and impact evaluation of 20 mph schemes across the country.
Jane Robinson on LinkedIn >
Jeremy Phillips
Road Safety GB
Jeremy has been working in road safety for more than 25 years, and has developed several opportunities for making scarce resources go further – such as the Road Safety Time Bank (now the Road Safety Knowledge Centre) and the national demonstration Devon Road Safety Academy and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) projects.
Jeremy Phillips on Road Safety GB website >
Joe Stordy
Transport for London
Joe is Research and Data Analysis Manager for Strategy & Outcome Planning at Transport for London. He oversees evidence based policy development and analysis of surface transport priorities and projects – with a focus on improving road safety, promoting walking and cycling, freight and traffic analysis and bus priority across London.
Joseph Stordy on LinkedIn >
Lee Fawcett
Newcastle University
Since completing his PhD in Statistics in 2005 Lee has continued two main research themes - novel approaches to road safety hotspot prediction and road safety scheme evaluation, and estimation of environmental extremes, both using Bayesian methods for statistical analysis. Lee has published in leading journals in road safety and statistical methodology.
Lee Fawcett on Newcastle University website >
Marie Woltman
Devon County Council
Marie is a regional rep in the national road safety analysts’ network, being the ‘Lead Regional Analytical Facilitator’ for the South West. She is an analyst and intelligence officer whose work underpins road safety operations and Highways Engineering for Devon County Council and its partner agencies.
Marie Woltman on LinkedIn >
Matt Staton
Cambridgeshire County Council
Matt has an MSc in Road and Vehicle Safety from Loughborough University and has experience of research into driver distraction, attitudes and behaviour and the evaluation of education programmes. He has played a key role in the development of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership’s strategy.
Matt Staton on LinkedIn >
Dr Neil Thorpe
Newcastle University
Neil brings over 25 years’ experience of research conducting empirical investigations of attitudinal and behavioural responses to technology-based travel demand management solutions which aim to reduce congestion and atmospheric pollution, and improve road safety.
Dr Neil Thorpe on Newcastle University website >
Richard Fernandes
Atkins Global
Richard has worked on evaluation projects looking at the introduction of 20mph signed only limits and HGV speed limit increases for the DfT, and has been a major part of the delivery of the post-opening project evaluation of all three of Highways England’s evaluation programmes; Pinch Points, Local Network Management Schemes and Major Schemes.
Richard Fernandes on LinkedIn >
Tanya Fosdick
Road Safety Analysis
Specialising in the provision of in-depth research, data management and evaluation design and implementation, Tanya provides high quality support to users of MAST and general data analysis advice. Tanya has been involved in a number of high profile projects including E-Valu-It.
Tanya Fosdick on Road Safety Analysis website >
Will Cubbin
Essex Highways
Will provides analytical support to the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) including a long term project developing working practices to make the most of the CRASH system. He focuses on identifying priority groups for engagement and looking for trends in collision data to inform the content of the engagement.
Safer Essex Roads Partnership >

Featured Presentations

Joining the Dots 2017 Conference

Analysis of Speed Outcomes in 20mph Limit Areas - Jane Robinson and Richard Fernandes

Looking at existing evidence and wider trends in vehicle speeds and an analysis of area-wide speed outcomes using GPS data.
Size: 1.66 MB

Data, Safety and Performance Outcomes - Dr Alice Crossley

Focusing on outcomes to understand drivers of safety, the impact of investment and operations activities, and using both national and local data to target interventions.
Size: 5.29 MB

DfT Update CRASH Research Priorities & Consultation Outcomes - Daryl Lloyd

An overview of the CRASH accident recording system, its impact across police force areas, and future developments of the system.
Size: 3.32 MB

People Centred Approaches to Road Safety - Tanya Fosdick and Deirdre O'Reilly

Understanding behaviour change concepts,appreciation of robust data and analyses and signposts to further development.
Size: 6.06 MB

Safer Road Users - Joe Stordy

Looking at the long term changes to road safety in London and the drivers behind them.
Size: 3.64 MB

Safer Speeds Data for a Safer System - Jan Sjorup

Monitoring and evaluating data from the National Safety Camera programme using national rules and guidelines, and collecting data nationally to measure the effectiveness of enforcement cameras.
Size: 2.19 MB

Safer Vehicles - Richard Owen

How technology is making roads and vehicles safer and identifying the problem vehicle types on your roads.
Size: 5.08 MB

The CRASH Effect in Essex - Will Cubbin

An exploration of the CRASH accident reporting system implemented in Essex since 2015.
Size: 2.28 MB

The Problem with KSI Using Trauma Data to Analyse Injury Severity - Matt Staton

Understanding Major Trauma, the definitions of different severity, and what we can learn from it.
Size: 3.45 MB

What Do Numbers Tell Us - George Ursachi

An overview of different ways of expressing data by selecting appropriate statistical measures.
Size: 1.49 MB

Featured Video

How to create road safety dashboards in 15 minutes - A live demonstration - Marie Woltman and Andrew Hartley (more videos available via the RSGB Analysts Network
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