Bringing professionals together

Providing support and guidance for the road safety profession, stakeholders, and the wider community

Building regional networks
Connecting different organisations
Providing support channels
Showcasing new developments
Linking with experts
Sharing success
Improving skills
Problem solving
Personal development


Promote the use of data and evidence for different audiences and the role it might play in decision making.

Best Practice

Develop consistent guidance using experts in the field and promote tools and techniques


Maintaining support for the profession through regular meetings, conferences and online forums

Policy Objectives

Building evidence and evaluation techniques to demonstrate success


Joining The Dots

Uniting experts since 2016

Our five previous conferences brought together speakers and attendees from the UK and abroad. A mixture of informative presentations, breakout sessions, and workshops allowed like-minded professionals the opportunity to connect with peers and domain experts.

Focus on analysis and evaluation

There has always been a central theme of using road safety data effectively to demonstrate trends and road risk, together with a clear understanding that this should be guiding road safety activities and interventions.

Themes for 2024

This years focus of course will be on the most pressing topics facing the profession. Content will be focused around four core themes; Data and Policy, Machine Learning and new data, Safety Performance Indicators, and examples of good practice.

A full conference agenda will be published once papers have been confirmed.

Joining the Dots 2024

Wednesday 6th March 2024 ¦ Woburn House, London

Previous JTD conferences:

6th March 2024 Hybrid conference

Following the success of last years conference, we are once again taking the Joining the Dots conference Hybrid. With the use of new technologies to expand the event beyond just Woburn House to cover both an online conference, and an in person event, giving opportunities to engage with speakers and fellow professionals.

Champions Network

Featuring representatives from each region, plus professionals from national organisations including the DfT and the third sector, this is the national coordinating group for activities under the umbrella of the Analysts Network. This includes planning the national conference and identifying new topics for discussion.

A forum for collaboration

Launched in 2016 and revised in 2019, the Analysts Network consists of two main elements to promote collaboration and discussion between professionals who used road safety data in their work.
The first is a series of regional meetings, either in person or online, which are organised by the local Champion and which meet on a regular basis. These meetings allow peers to discuss relevant matter and provide feedback to the national forum. It also allows national matter to be cascaded down, perhaps even reflecting work from other regions.
The second element is a private, online forum where people from different regions, professions and organisations can interact, solve problems, and showcase new work. This already has over 100 registered users and as use grows, it is expected this community will become an essential tool for those working in the sector.

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The Analysts Network is managed by Agilysis on behalf of Road Safety GB with support and funding from the Department for Transport.