What does STATS19 record about casualties?

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STATS19 is a code designating the protocol which outlines information to be collected whenever an injury crash is reported to the Police. This code is also frequently used to refer to Britain’s official Road Accident Statistics, which are derived from Police STATS19 returns and compiled by the Department for Transport.

The information recorded about each crash under STATS19 contains three distinct elements:

  • The attendant circumstances of the crash
  • A separate record for each vehicle involved in the crash,
  • A separate record for each casualty resulting from the crash.


Among the information recorded by an attending officer for each casualty are:

  • Casualty Severity
  • Casualty Age
  • Casualty Gender
  • Casualty Class
  • Casualty Is Working in Carriageway
  • Casualty Pedestrian Location
  • Casualty Pedestrian Movement

Further information on STATS19 is available on the MAST Wiki page, available here and a copy of the STATS19 form can be accessed here.

A guide to the data sources used to produce statistics on reported road casualties and collisions produced by the Department for Transport (DfT) is available for download here.


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