People injured on Britain’s roads and how they are counted and classified, including pedestrians and other vulnerable road users such as cyclists.

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What is rurality?

In England the 2011 rural-urban classification, produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), provides a rural/urban view of datasets at output area (OA), super output

An introduction to IMD

The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is an overall relative measure of deprivation. This is constructed by combining different domains of deprivation according to their respective

What does STATS19 record about casualties?

STATS19 is a code designating the protocol which outlines information to be collected whenever an injury crash is reported to the Police. This code is also frequently used to refer

Injury-based reporting and severity adjustments

CRaSH Collision Recording and sharing system. This is a centralised system used by some police forces to record road traffic collisions COPA Case Overview Preparation Application.

Health Data (HES and TARN)

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data has been used historically by the Department for Transport (DfT) to compliment STATS19 reporting. The DfT have carried out HES data

Casualty reporting in Britain

Data for road safety casualty statistics are collected by each police force independently, this data is known as STATS19, as that was the original name of the form for this purpose. STATS19 data is collected to an agreed specification as described by STATS20 guidance. The specification is periodical...

Casualties by constituency

The Department for Transport allow the analysis of STATS19 data by many different geographies including Westminster Parliamentary Constituency. Although responsibility for road safety lies with local authorities, MPs and constituents often find it useful to understand what is happening at this level...

Demographic data

Demographics are the statistical characteristics of human populations such as age or income. Demographic data refers to the socio-economic information expressed statistically including employment, education, birth and death rates, marriage rates and more etc. The Office for National Statistics (O...

Casualty and collision costs

Casualties and collisions are associated with a whole range of different social and economic costs. Traditionally, the cost of the provision or repairs needed in the immediate aftermath of a collision were the only type of costs to be quantified. At the national level, there is now specific guidance...