Joining the Dots 2023


Keynote Speaker

  • Marianne WeinrichMarket Manager Smart Mobility at Ramboll

    Marianne is Market Manager for Smart Mobility at Ramboll and advises cities about how to make mobility people centred and sustainable, and is an expert in cycling policy and promotion.

    “Mobility is the glue that holds our daily lives together - we have to go shopping, to work, take our children to daycare or school, go meet friends and family etc. That means that mobility is about people and our daily needs.“

    Marianne leads thought leadership at Ramboll Smart Mobility and is also Co-founder and Chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and manages the Danish Mobility Network.

Session 1 - Data gaps and inequality

Inequalities in self reported injury risk

  • Dr Rachel AldredProfessor of Transport and Director of the Active Travel Academy - University of Westminster

Unequal road outcomes

  • Zoe CottonSafety Strategy Manager - TfL

Riding Behaviours

  • Philip McAleeseCo-founder & CEO - See.Sense

Ethnographic research (seatbelts)

  • Nicola WassCEO of So-Mo

Session 2 - Data for the safe system [Panel discussion]

Panel Discussion

  • Will CubbinSafer Essex Roads Partnership
  • Tanya FosdickAgilysis
  • Neale KinnearHumn
  • John CartledgeGaist
  • Aaron JarvisGeotab

Session 3 - Stats19 Plus

DfT Update

  • Katherine Williamson Data, Insight and People Analytics Division - Department for Transport

Developing drug driving statistics

  • Speaker TBA Department for Transport

Bikeability Evaluation

  • Nathan Harpham TRL

DfT Stats19 links with Fire Data

  • Matthew Tranter Department for Transport

Session 4 - Understanding the road network

Ethical Roads

  • Nick ReedFounder - Reed Mobility

Global Roads, Ai and satellite imagery

  • Dr Craig SmithData Scientist, Agilysis

Rural Roads Project

  • Bruce Walton Agilysis