The Strategic Road Network

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The Strategic Road Network (SRN) across Scotland, England & Wales is the most heavily used part of the national road network. Consisting of motorways and major A roads it connects major cities, towns, airports and ports enabling the movement of people, goods and services.

The Strategic Road Network in England accounts for a third of all traffic and two-thirds of all freight and is managed by National Highways. Information on how they manage this critical part of the country’s infrastructure, including a map of England’s SRN, is available on the National Highways website, accessible via the link here.

Scotland’s trunk road network is hugely diverse, ranging from the ten-lane M8 in the centre of Glasgow to single carriageway sections in the west Highlands. It carries 35% of all traffic and 60% of heavy goods vehicles. Transport Scotland’s website provides more detail on how the asset is managed and maintained and can be accessed via the following link – Transport Scotland.

The Welsh Government are responsible for the strategic road network of Wales, the maintenance and improvement of which is managed by two trunk road agents; North & Mid Wales, and South Wales. A map of the Strategic Road Network of Wales and links to more information on how the network is managed is available on the Welsh Government website (link here).


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