Road network

Information about Britain’s roads: their extent, features and how their safety performance can be assessed.

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What are iRAP star ratings?

iRAP (the International Road Assessment Programme) is the umbrella programme for Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) worldwide that are working to save lives. Click here to find out

What is rurality?

In England the 2011 rural-urban classification, produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), provides a rural/urban view of datasets at output area (OA), super output

The Strategic Road Network

The Strategic Road Network (SRN) across Scotland, England & Wales is the most heavily used part of the national road network. Consisting of motorways and major

Road classification: how does it work?

There are three systems through which roads are organised and classified nationwide – the strategic road network, the primary route network and roads classification. The responsibility

Smart motorways

'Smart Motorway' is a term used to describe various types of motorway that are not designed in the same way as a conventional motorway.  There are three types of ‘Smart Motorway’, Controlled Motorways (CM), All Lane Running (ALR) motorways, and Dynamic Hard Shoulder Running (DHS) motorways.  The cha...