Contributory factors

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Contributory factors are available to complete on the STATS19 form only when a police officer attends a collision. There are 78 Contributory Factors. (CF’s) Each contributory factor allows a reporting officer to relate that factor to a vehicle, driver or casualty involved in the crash.

Here is a list of the definitions of all contributory factors.

The 2020 review of STATS19 police collision data recommended a different approach to contributory factors, reducing and re-organising them to align to the Safe Systems approach.  These will be called Road Safety Factors

There will be a reduction from 78 to 39 contributory factors, and new codes will be allocated. A matrix will be published mapping from old to new codes

This will improve the structure of the contributory factors and group them by:

  • Roads
  • Vehicles
  • Speed
  • Road user behaviour: Behaviour or inexperience
  • Road user behaviour: Distraction and impairment
  • Non-motorised road users

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