Incidents on Britain’s roads which resulted in personal injury: How they are reported and recorded

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The RAIDS database

The Road Accident In-Depth Studies (RAIDS) database was designed in 2012 to collect new information and collate historic in-depth studies and accident research to better understand

Crash variables in STATS19

STATS19 is a code designating the protocol which outlines information to be collected whenever an injury crash is reported to the Police. This code is also frequently used to refer

Statutory responsibility

The Road Traffic Act 1988, Section 39 imposes a statutory duty on every Highway Authority in England to promote and improve road safety by disseminating information

What is rurality?

In England the 2011 rural-urban classification, produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), provides a rural/urban view of datasets at output area (OA), super output

Contributory factors

Contributory factors are available to complete on the STATS19 form only when a police officer attends a collision. There are 78 Contributory Factors. (CF’s) Each contributory

Health Data (HES and TARN)

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data has been used historically by the Department for Transport (DfT) to compliment STATS19 reporting. The DfT have carried out HES data

Injury-based reporting and severity adjustments

CRaSH Collision Recording and sharing system. This is a centralised system used by some police forces to record road traffic collisions COPA Case Overview Preparation Application.

How to report road safety information: a guide for journalists

The Active Travel Academy at the University of Westminster brings together a broad spectrum of expertise to lead research, teaching and knowledge exchange, with a focus on walking, wheeling, cycling and other active modes, use of ‘micromobilities’, and reduction in car use. Research by Dr David F...

Road safety performance index

In 2021 the Towards Zero Foundation and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety have published a report with accompanying dashboard which assesses road safety performance by local authority area. The analysis looks at previous collision records by local authority and police force a...

Crash locations

All STATS19 crashes reported to the police have precise locations recorded using the Ordnance Survey National Grid system. Each collision has a single point associated with them that can then be mapped using local analysis system or web tools. The precision may be available at 1m, although coordinat...