Rates and risk

Information which places casualty and crash trends into context relative to other measures, such as population and traffic.

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What are iRAP star ratings?

iRAP (the International Road Assessment Programme) is the umbrella programme for Road Assessment Programmes (RAPs) worldwide that are working to save lives. Click here to find out

Rates and risk: what’s the difference

When comparing roads or areas that have substantial differences, looking at counts of collisions, casualties, or collision-involved drivers alone can give a misleading picture. For example, longer sections roads are more likely to have more collisions occur on them. Likewise, more heavily trafficked...

Road safety performance index

In 2021 the Towards Zero Foundation and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety have published a report with accompanying dashboard which assesses road safety performance by local authority area. The analysis looks at previous collision records by local authority and police force a...

Comparing UK road safety performance to other countries

Road safety performance in the UK is often cited as world leading and in 2011, the Secretary of State said it was 'the envy of the world'. The European Transport safety Council Road Safety performance index report is an excellent resource that has benchmarked performance in Europe for over a decade....